Crib Point Primary School is an eSmart school, an initiative of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. To help students become safe and responsible users of digital technologies, we explicitly teach them how to stay safe when using digital technology and to always behave responsibly online. We use our 5Cs – Care, Consideration, Co-operation, Communication and Common Sense to help children understand that using digital technologies is similar to real life in how we should treat everyone and everything. We aim to teach this in a partnership with students, parents/guardians and teachers.

If you have any questions regarding the use of ICT in the school, or how you can help your child understand the importance of responsible use of devices when at home and at school, you can speak to Ms Tardif or your child’s class teacher.

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Parental Controls

CPPS uses a filtered service provided by the Department of Education. The following links provide information of how you can set up parental controls for your children on your home computers. This allows you to set time limits for internet usage, block particular websites and more.

There are also many good internet filters that can be purchased for home computers.