What does literacy look like at Crib Point Primary?

At Crib Point Primary School we align our practice to the body of research known as the ‘Science of Reading’ (SOR) to inform our literacy practices. The SOR provides the strongest evidence about how children learn and is being added to consistently by a wide range of experts including cognitive neuroscientists, linguists, psychologists, educators, and implementation scientists.

The science of reading can be broken down into the simple view of reading which is Language Comprehension X Word Recognition = Skilled Reading.

Research has shown that there are six key components that contribute to successful reading. Because of the importance of these components, they have become known as ‘The Big Six’ they are:

  • oral language,
  • phonological awareness,
  • phonics,
  • vocabulary,
  • fluency and
  •  comprehension.

The programs and approaches we use in our classrooms are:

  • Sounds-Write F-2
  • Spelling Mastry 3-6
  • Knowledge Rich Units
  • Novel/Rich literal studies
  • Daily Reviews
  • Paired Fluency