Visual and Performing Arts

At Crib Point Primary School, we strive to make Visual Arts a fun, exciting, and ever-changing subject that ties in with integrated topics from the children’s classroom. The students develop their artistic skills using a variety of media, completing a wide array of projects, and tapping into their individual talents and areas of interest. A few examples of the media that students will be exposed to include, but not limited to; clay, papier-mâché, collage, art using found objects, paint, pastels, and charcoal.

During their primary schooling, children progressively develop new skills and build competencies established in earlier years. Our goal is not for every child to achieve a certain artistic standard, but for them to grow personally as an artist and feel confident in their abilities. The wonderful thing about art is that it is a subject where learning, over time, can be visualised through the changes in their physical artwork, and the increasing ease with which they can complete tasks.

Children have opportunities to become active members of the art community by taking part in competitions and exhibitions, such as those put on by the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.

Crib Point Primary School runs a music program with students receiving a weekly music lesson. It provides students with experiences in listening, singing, moving, playing instruments and creating in a dedicated music room.

We also offer an array of extra-curricular Performing Arts opportunities. Currently we have a weekly singing club for grades 2-6 and have a team participating in the State Schools Spectacular. Guitar tuition is also offered to students who may be interested. These students, once confident, perform out in the community.