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Royal Australian Navy Band

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For Defence Families with children, one of the decisions to be made on arriving in a new location is where to send children to school. Around Australia eligible schools with Defence students have the Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA) (Primary School) and the Defence Transition Mentor (DTM) (High School) programs available.

The Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA) Program provides funding to support schools to engage a DSTA or DTM to support Defence students at the school. The DSM (Defence School Mentor) program provides support for children of Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families to prepare for and navigate their transition journey, particularly during their transition into and out of a school on a posting or during parental absences (deployment, exercises or courses).

What does a DSM do?

A DSM provides assistance to ADF children and their families. This may include;

  • Assisting ADF parents and children to become familar with the school and its facilities
  • Coordinating appropriate welcoming and farewelling activities for ADF children involving school community
  • Supporting children at school during times of parent absence from home for service requirements
  • Monitoring ADF children’s personal issues such as friendship, peer groups and classroom difficulties
  • Contributing items of interest to the school newsletter
  • Providing opportunites for ADF families within the school community
  • Maintaining contact with ADF families who are enrolled in the school

At CPPS, we run ‘DKC’ (Defence Kids Club) every week on a Thursday at lunchtime, which involves different activities such as board games, colouring in and other such activities. This is a voluntary activity and they can bring a friend along to join in on the fun.

Leading up to important occasions such as ANZAC Day or Remembrance Day, our school participates in a variety of projects or activities which enhance our ceremonies and pay tribute to our current and past serving ADF members. These ceremonies provide excellent opportunities for our defence students to be involved with and to be recognised as important parts of our community.

Welcome activities, such as defence breakfasts or morning teas are held early in the year to provide opportunities for families and children to make new connections with their school & community and perhaps catch up with former workmates or family friends. Departing students are farewelled when they leave and are given tips & strategies for their new beginnings in another state or country.

A major part of DSM role is to raise awareness in our community and school of the unique lifestyle of defence families and the significance of respecting, honouring and remembering our past and present serving members.