Crib Point Primary School is able to provide programs to assist with early intervention for students with identified learning difficulties. Programs include: SPA (Speech Pathology Assistance program) and the LEAP (Learning & Education Assistance program) which may be delivered individually or in small groups.

Australian Defence Force tuition assistance can be organised through the school ADF aide for eligible students when they transfer into the school. In addition, the Education Department is able to provide Speech Pathology, Social work and Psychological services to eligible students at the school.

The Crib Point Primary Student wellbeing team meets fortnightly to track and target students who are either physically, emotionally or academically at risk, employing a multi-disciplined team approach to student support. Every effort is made by the school’s dedicated staff to ensure each child has the necessary learning assistance and direction they need. This includes the development of Individual Education plans which target areas of need for students at risk and are reviewed each term.