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The First Shot guns at Fort Nepean

Royal Australian Navy Band

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Why do we have a Defence School Transition Aide in our school?

The Defence School Transition Aide assists children and families to quickly become part of the school community. DSTA’s help answer basic questions about the school and help build the school’s support processes for mobile children and their families.

Children respond differently to transition. Some children make a positive adjustment into the new school whilst other children may experience difficulties. These difficulties may present in a variety of ways and may include change in behaviour, self-esteem or academic performance.


The program we run at Crib Point Primary School includes:

  • SPECIAL OCCASION CELEBRATIONS: These may include small parties for children to say farewell to close friends, welcome parties for new children, new parent morning teas to meet other parents from the school.
  • INDIVIDUAL CLASSROOM AID: With each State being different in education delivery, one on one help in the classroom brings children quickly up to date with the new State differences.
  • LUNCHTIME BOARD GAMES ON WEDNESDAYS: This happens in the library. It is open to any children but specifically aimed at those children who may feel a bit ‘lost’ at playtime when they first arrive at the school. This time also provides a great outlet for any children to talk about issues arising from postings and parental absences.
  • INFORMATION: Relating to Educational Allowances and Tutoring, Defence Community and local information.